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Mood Jungle was formed in 2020 by members Chris Newton, Tyler Smith and Hannah Huyoa. 

Chris Newton began playing music at age 5 and then the guitar when he was 13 years old. His first albums he bought were Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix but he quickly gained an appreciation for various musical styles including funk, metal, punk, reggae, ska, hip-hop. He immediately formed bands with current band mate Tyler Smith playing various venues and events all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. It wasn’t until college that Chris began studying jazz and classical music with Randy Vincent, Tuck Andress, Brian Pardo and Gary Digman. Chris completed his degree in guitar performance in 2016 and began a new career as a music educator while continuing writing and performing music with Tyler Smith. In 2019, Chris reconnected with former college classmate, Hannah Huyoa, at a performance where they were both in separate projects. Mood Jungle would later be formed, having their debut concert 2 weeks before the March 2020 shut down.


Their self-titled EP "Mood Jungle" will be available April 2022.

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